Our Team

Go beyond the traditional bounds of daycare for canines and establish a bond with our group of dog owners in Mokena, IL. Alfie’s Poochie Playlot has been providing deserving pets with cage-free playrooms and boarding for more than 10 years. Imagine how much happier your dog will be relaxing and playing in our state of the art boarding facility. Your favorite furry friend can take a dip in our pet-friendly pool, and they can run to their heart’s content through our tree-lined outdoor area.

With more than a decade of experience in this business, we have a track record of performance that we happily stand behind. We treat each and every pooch that visits our doggie spa like a member of our own family. The difference is the people and pet owners that make up our management team and our staff. These are dog people that share your passion for any four-legged friend with a cold nose and a loving heart.

Get to know your pup’s Alfie family!

Our dedicated team of dog lovers bring something special here: our passion and heart for your furry family members! Our staff dedicates their days, nights, and hearts to ensure that your pup gets the same love here that they get at home!

From snuggling in bed with us at night to crawling with us during the day, your dog will be smitten with the compassionate caregivers of our facility.

Rose Cotter Photo

Rose Cotter

Rose Cotter is the owner and operator of Alfie's Poochie Playlot. She believes dogs and their owners share a semiotic relationship-- meaning it can never be clear who needs who more. Rose brings her skilled background as a Professional Dog Trainer to the business and continually plays a key role in ensuring your pups success. Rose currently has three dogs she adopted and plays and key role in completing her family. Alfie’s is built around devotion to our dogs; at Alfie's Poochie Playlot's care is pivoted by love and safety first.

Jess S. Photo


Jess is our Manager (pictured with Dublin) and is an integral part of our passion and mission to care for customer's dogs. She joined us over eight years ago and brings her background in teaching and the commitment of a dog owner to help our place run like clockwork.

Sara Hernandez Photo

Sara H.

Sara helps to run her family business at Alfies Poochie Playlot since it opened in 2006.  She helps in managerial tasks, training new employees and enjoys caring for the dogs as well. Sara is the proud owner of Peatree, her Corgi son and two playful cats at home.

Jen G. Photo

Jen G.

Jen is a vital member of our senior team of leaders. She lives with her Corgi Chloe and several birds at her home. Jen combines years of experience with a maternal instinct when she looks after our visitors and mentors new employees.

Angelica with dogs

Angelica O.

Angelica is one of the family owners who help on the "behind the scene" for Alfie's. She manages our social media and special events. Our own "jill of all trades". Angelica owns two spectacular dogs, Tippy a black lab mix and Lyla, a cocker spaniel mix who are her two babies. Despite Angelica's full-time job at another company, she still manages to help out with Alfie's and supports the family business.

Denise Rose Photo

Denise R.

Denise brings to Alfie’s a love of all things furry! With years of canine care experience in several different avenues; she is highly skilled in dog care and goes above and beyond to ensure your pup gets the most of his day of play!

Kyle Mills


Kyle Mills is a welcomed addition and great complement to our staff. He brings a passion for dogs and enjoys playing with them while they visit. Alfies is always striving to find staff that are patient and bond with our customers' dogs and we are happy to say Kyle fits that description. Kyle also naturally has great people skills and offers a kind, friendly interaction with our customers.

Mika A.

Mika is an associate not to be missed! With a ready smile and strong love of dogs, she strives to go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality of hugs, kisses, and care is given to your dog while here.

Madison R.

Madison joins our team with a background of working with and supervising children at summer camp. She brings energy and enthusiasm to our furry “kids” and loves to engage and interact with them.

Meghan T.

Meghan is one of Pet Care Associates who is an active, sporty team member.  Her background in sports and her love of dogs are a great combination because she understands the importance of team work and is active and playful with the dogs. She owns two dogs at home.

Rachyl G.

Rachyl came to Alfie’s with a background in the Pet Care Industry. She continues working with dogs on our team and we’re happy to have another crew member who demonstrates devotion and a passion to her work.  She is the owner of Fred, a Shiba Inu, who graces us with visits while his mom is hard at work.


Jackie Magruder comes to Alfies with experience under her belt. She continues to work in the Pet Care industry is perfect for Alfie's philosophy and our mission to give the best care for our dogs. We are very fortunate she is part of our crew and all of us benefit from her seasoned dog care background.


Bridget Riha is another welcome staff member to our business. Bridget is an exceptional younger staff member has a unique background in carpentry. Her passion for animals especially dogs along her "hands-on" approach to life makes her a great fit for our doggie daycare.

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